Saturday, June 9, 2012

Welcome to Hilton Head Island.

We had another crazy week.  Cavan and the pups left Michigan on Saturday night with the moving truck filled with our belongings and towing our car.  The kids and I didn't have a flight out of Grand Rapids until Tuesday morning, so we went and stayed with my Mom.  We had a nice time spending extra time with her, and also enjoyed being close to my Dad and cousins.

The flight was exactly what you would imagine when you think of a mother traveling alone with her 2 rambunctious, emotional, and restless toddlers - oh, did I mention I had 3 flights?  My flight from Grand Rapids to Baltimore was so hard.  Brayden didn't want to hold still, Leah was whiny and wanted me to hold her when the flight attendant was very stern she was to stay in her own seat, I was carrying a huge duffle bag, a diaper bag on my back, Brayden in the carrier on my front, and pushing my incredibly heavy car seat with my 3 year old in it.  Once off that flight, I actually had to go out of the airport and get my tickets since I was switching airlines, go back through security, then grab dinner before catching my next flight to Charlotte.  Brayden actually slept the entire flight - exactly what I needed!  Once at Charlotte, I was exhausted but had to go across the entire airport to get to my last flight to Savannah.  Oh good old Savannah!  The plane parked at the very first ramp, which meant I had to walk the entire airport before I saw my husband, but once we saw him my heart melted.  Leah was so so so excited to see Daddy.  She yelled, "Daddy!  Daddy!  My Daddy!  Daddy!......"  She ran at least 150 feet yelling until she made it in Daddy's arms.  I actually had tears in my eyes because it was so sweet.  Oh it was so nice to see Cavan.

We drove to our temporary rental and it is so nice.  It is right on the 17th hole of a really nice golf green.  The kids have been having a blast watching the golfers, the maintenance guys, and the huge sprinklers.  It's actually quite the entertainment piece in this place.  I loose the kids all the time in this 3600 square foot house - it's insanely huge going from living in a small house.

We went to the beach and the play ground today, the kids really enjoyed playing outside.  Brayden is starting to be such a big boy.  He is going on the entire playground by himself.  It's crazy to think he's going to be 2 this summer.  Leah is as animated and goofy as ever.  She is starting to enjoy helping me more and more.  I love having a little laundry helper!

We have super slow internet at this place, so for the next 3 weeks I might not be updating as often.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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  1. So glad that you made it back safely! We will miss you. Praying for you all... Feel so blessed for the time we had while you guys were here.. amazing :) Love you guys!!