Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First haircut!

I have been a Mommy for over 2.5 years.  I have experienced a lot in my circle of Mommyhood, but haircuts haven't been on the agenda.  I refuse to cut Leah's hair.  It took her oh so long to grow, and I am not about to cut it.  Brayden on the other hand has a head full of gorgeous blond hair.  He had a little area on the top that was so long it would get in his eyes, then he was growing a pretty sizable mullet.  Cavan distracted him with a puppet and I went to work.  I was really nervous cutting his hair, but felt sort of qualified as I do cut Cavan's hair to save money.  Brayden did wonderfully and I think I did a decent job too.  I cannot believe how just cutting a few hairs makes him suddenly look so much older.  

Leah and I made multigrain sandwich bread the other day.  I am so sick of paying more than $5 per loaf of bread... so, I am making it.  It turned out amazing, and it will be our new Monday ritual!  Doesn't it look great??

Leah, Brayden, and I went grocery shopping today, and we passed some "baby" pumpkins.  Leah got super excited so we brought 3 of them home with us.  I asked her what she wanted to do with them, and she said "PAINT!".  So, she painted them... and her hands.  Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shaving cream, fishies, and corn!!

What a weekend!  It seems sometimes we never get a chance to chill out and just relax.  We are always going somewhere, doing something, all at lightning fast speed.  The kids are growing up so fast... too fast!  I am really enjoying our time together.  I am trying my best to make the most of it.  I want Leah and Brayden to remember so many fun, creative, and special memories with Mom and Dad.  I think we've started off nicely....

Leah has been doing a new fun project at least once a day.  Her favorite by far has been the shaving cream...  I gave her a squirt bottle full of purple watercolors, and some powdered jello... oh boy it was a mess!  She started off inside, and I quickly determined it was an outdoor activity.  She loved getting messy and "washing" the deck.  She played for a good 2.5 hours before her nap, and fell right to sleep.

We went to the aquarium again yesterday with Uncle Bryan, Aunt Cassie, and Aubrey.  The kids had a blast.  Brayden adores all the fish, and Leah got a little more brave holding onto Uncle Bryan.  She even checked out the sharks up close - a big deal for her!  After a quick trip to the park and a sleepy ride home we enjoyed time at Brayden's friend, Evangeline's birthday party.  Leah was obsessed with all the yummy treats.  Brayden wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep.

Today we put 100lbs of dried corn in a kiddie pool in Grandma and Grandpa's garage.  Everyone had a blast.  I think out of Leah, Aubrey, and Brayden - Brayden had the most fun.  He went crazy kicking and digging in the corn.  It was adorable.  The girls really had a blast as well, especially once we brought out the slide.

So, as you can see... we had a jam packed weekend.  We all had a wonderful time, but I am glad it's over!  Enjoy the pictures!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Park, Sand, and Clean Clouds.

We have been having a lot fun in the past couple days. We joined Bryan, Casandra, and Aubrey at the park and let the girls race around on their little cars. They had so much fun going up and down the little hills around the sidewalks. Cavan had about as much fun as Leah did. He raced around pushing Leah in the little red car. She was laughing so hard. I love watching Leah and Brayden play with Aubrey. They all get along so well. The park is always a fun way to explore.

 Leah has been enjoying her sensory table Daddy built for her. We played with purple sand the first day. She drove a little tractor through the sand and made little tracks. She also played with farm animals and said they were eating the purple food. She played with the table and sand for more than 2 hours. She was very vocal about what she was doing and what the animals were eating. The next day I had an entire new project for her, but she insisted on doing sand again. She played with yellow sand and it was another 2-3 hour long project. She was much more quiet the 2nd day, and just explored it by herself. I even tried getting into it with her, and she didn't seem to want my help, so I just sat back and watched her.

 Casandra and I have been talking about doing "clean clouds" so we decided today was the day. The girls didn't quite know what to do with it at first, but they quickly got their hands all soapy.  They loved scooping and dumping their clouds into bowls.  I have to admit.. Brayden ate a couple clouds.   I think he liked them.  Casandra made a little cloud "cake", and the first thing Leah said was, "Birthday candles, Mommy!".  Normally, I would laugh it off, and distract her with something else.  But, why not??  We got out a candle and they spent a good 20 minutes or so blowing it out over and over again.  They had so much fun, and now my entire house smells like cheap soap, but it was totally worth it.

Enjoy the pictures.

 Yes, you may play in the dog water and get wet and dirty.

 Yes, you may get naked and play in the water... haha