Tuesday, January 31, 2012


One advantage of living less than 5 minutes from the ocean is seeing the crazy excitement on your children's faces when they get to feed seagulls for the first time.  Now, I am not going to lie.. I may have screamed a few times. They are all cute and all until they are hovering over you, grabbing bread from your hands, and coming wayyy too close for comfort.  Leah was ducking while holding her head and screaming.. I am sure my reaction had nothing to do with how she reacted (hehe).  Brayden was walking around super confident through the mass of seagulls.  He thought it was hilarious.  Cavan was video recording the entire time while Grandpa was taking pictures.  Aunt Cassie and Aubrey were feeding the birds as well.  The best part was chasing the birds after the bread ran out.  It was fun.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I love this picture.

Catching up

We had such a crazy week, I thought to catch up on some of the little details...

My mom came into town on Thursday (19th) so she could be here for Leah's birthday.  Leah was so excited to see her when we picked her up from the airport.  We went out to lunch at P.F. Changs - which is always yummy, and Leah was beaming with excitement because her Grayma was here.  Leah gave my mom a hug, and my mom said, "Oh this just tickles me!!!".  Leah turned to her without missing a beat, and said, "tickle, tickle, tickle, Grayma!"  She is too cute.

After eating her birthday dessert from P.F. Changs, We went to a couple of shops near by. While at a Children's boutique, Leah was was touching everything. She was practically rearranging the store!  My mom saw this cute little portable potty chair, and I showed it to Leah.  She immediately started pulling down her pants to use the potty!  We were laughing so hard, I quickly told her it wasn't ours, and pulled her pants back up.  I am so glad she didn't use it!  It was a $30 potty, and I wasn't about to pay for something I didn't need!  It was a good laugh though!

The kids enjoyed playing with Grayma, and I enjoyed the extra help and conversation.  We watched a few movies, went to the outlet mall, and prepared for Leah's party.  We had a great time with her, and cannot wait to see her again soon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

She's THREE!

Happy 3rd birthday, Leah!  I cannot believe she is 3...

She had a wonderful birthday.  It was fun, small, and we enjoyed being with close friends and family.  Leah was so excited to have her buddies, Miles and Alexa there.  They played with balloons, danced and sang, and ate so much cake.

It was so much fun watching her open her presents.  She was so animated, and ripped them open so quickly.  It was so funny.  Just watching how excited she got made me realize how much older she really is.  She loves when people ask how old she is, her reply is always, "I'm THREE!!!"

My baby is growing up... enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last night as a 2 year old.

My little helper, mini me, best buddy... whatever you want to call her - is turning 3 tomorrow!  Why does 3 sound so much older than 2?  Thinking back 3 years ago, I never would have thought I would have such a strong emotional connection with my little girl.  I never would have imagined how much love I would have for her.  I never even had a grasp on how much joy she would bring to us.  She is amazing.

She is not anything what I dreamed my daughter would be - I mean that in a good way.  She has so much depth, more than I have ever seen in a child, yet can be so goofy and sweet at the same time.  She is such a unique, amazing, hilarious, and gorgeous little girl.  The words "I love her" don't even come close to what I truly feel.  She is perfect for our family.  Every minute, day, week, month, and year we get to spend with her is treasured - she is my baby girl.

Not only has she been so wonderful, she has also enhanced a side of myself I never knew existed.  I am much more patient than I ever thought I could be.  I have also learned how to be softer, I never ever considered myself a "softie" but Leah brings out a more sensitive side to me.  She taught me how to be silly and not care what other people think.  I love how she interacts with her Daddy.  He has the biggest heart for Leah, they are so sweet together, and he always knows how to make her laugh.  I love you Leah.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Cavan went to the furniture store to get some boxes the other day (he asked) since he sold a couple things on Ebay.  He had tons of boxes left over so he made a little jungle gym for the kids.  Brayden was the first one to play in the little house and slide down the cardboard slide as Leah was sleeping.  He had so much fun!

Once Leah woke up she enjoyed playing around inside the house.  She didn't notice the slide right away, but once she did, she wouldn't stop going up and down.  She was laughing and having so much fun.

Since Leah took a really long nap there was no way she could go to bed at her normal time.  We decided to rent a movie and have popcorn together.  Leah was more excited for the popcorn than anything, but she really enjoyed the movie.  We rented "Mr Poppers Penguins".  It was actually really cute, and it had enough funny parts and animals to keep her attention.  Cavan and I really enjoyed it too.  We just put her to bed, and it seems as though she is already sleeping.  What a great day.