Saturday, December 31, 2011


We had a normal fun Saturday.  We all went to the beach this morning and let the kids run around.  Brayden loved playing in the sand and smiling at everyone walking by.  If someone would say hi, or start talking to us, he would follow them after they walked away.  I had to chase him all over the beach, but he enjoyed it so much.  Leah looked for sea shells.  She loves collecting things, so it was extra special to her once she realized she could bring some home.  They ran around like crazy until Brayden decided it was nap time.

Leah has been skipping naps lately, but today she was so worn out she put herself in bed and took a 2 hour nap.  Cavan and I cleaned the entire time they were napping and got a lot done!

We had a tasty dinner and while I was cleaning up I was yet again reminded how amazing my husband is.  Here I was cleaning the dirty dishes listening to the laughter of my children.  Leah and Cavan were pretending to eat hundreds of different cakes.  They were eating Princess cakes, dinosaur cakes, polka-dot cakes, and even angel cakes.  Brayden was able to snag a few "bites" as well.  They were laughing so hard as Cavan was chasing after them.  Leah put on a "cape" and became SuperCake!  She flew around the living room filling it with her sweet laughter.  Somehow it turned into superheros (Leah was SuperCake, and Brayden was SuperCupCake) running around naked with only capes on.  Cavan was Captain Underpants wearing only his underwear, and I was Queen Underpants in my tank and underwear.  The kids thought it was so funny and even Brayden was yelling "Do-to-do!"  We were running around the house in our capes saving the world by delivering cakes.  By now I am sure you have a vivid picture of our evening.  I hope I never forget it, and I hope I always remember the sound of the laughter in our house tonight.  It was magical.  I love my family so much.

There were only a few blog appropriate pictures... these ones aren't the best quality, but they're cute :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Messy Fun

We played with water beads again today.  The kids had a blast.  I will let the pictures do the talking.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had such a wonderful Christmas!  The kids had so much fun opening their presents and playing with all the new toys.  Our living room looked like a tornado went through, but they were so cute to watch.  Brayden received so many cars.  I honestly think almost every toy he got was a car.  He loved it!  Leah enjoyed her pink guitar, new puzzles, and her princess stamps.  We had a nice quinoa breakfast with lots of fruit.  Leah loved using their new plates.

The weather was wonderful on Saturday and Cavan and Leah enjoyed shooting balloons with his pellet gun.  Leah would tell him what color balloon she wanted him to pop next and he would shoot it.  She thought it was so great.  She stood on a red circle while he was shooting to make sure she was safe, and she really did a wonderful job!  She loves her Daddy!

Leah has been staying awake during nap time lately.  I think it's been 4 days since she has taken a nap.  As I am typing this she has been already sleeping for about 10 minutes (it's 6:28pm).  She has been sleeping from about 6:30pm until 7:30am.  It's really nice to have her consistently going to bed earlier as Brayden needs to go to bed around that time as well.  She still goes upstairs during Brayden's nap time and plays with her doll house and reads books - so I at least have some time to myself.

We had Grandpa and Grandma Carlson came over for dinner last night.  It was so nice spending time with them at our house.  The kids had so much fun with them.  After dinner we had a Paleo German Chocolate Cake and sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus".  Leah got to blow the candle out and we all enjoyed the cake.

After the kids went down for bed, we played Hand and Foot with Cavan's parents.  We really enjoyed it, and it was a lot of fun beating the guys.  I really hope we are able to do it again.

It was so beautiful outside today (a little chilly, but beautiful), so we went out to play with the kids.  Brayden and Leah were playing with the tarp Cavan had out to pick up leaves, and quickly it became a game.  Cavan pulled them around on the tarp for about an hour.  They were laughing so hard, and it was so much fun to watch.  I even got a short ride around the yard, and let me tell you - it WAS fun!!

Enjoy the pictures.  Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Leah loves loves loves opening presents (who doesn't??).  Today the kids got to open her gifts from Grayma and Grandpa Jack.  They got a bike trailer and were so excited about it.  We took it for a test drive earlier today, and boy did they have fun!

After enjoying a beautiful day outside, we had dinner and let the kids play around the house.  I made another batch of kale chips (we make at least 2 every week) and the kids inhaled them!  It is so funny to see a big plate of chips, and then it's just crumbs everywhere.  So wonderful my kids eat just about everything we give them!

We were playing with chalk outside today, and Leah told me the buggies needed something to eat.  I asked her what they wanted and here is the list of things I had to draw for the buggies to eat: green beans, salad, celery and dippy, kale chippies, almonds, berries, banana, and brown rice (yes, she really did say brown.).  Cavan and I were laughing as most kids wouldn't have that list.

Enjoy the pictures!