Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas.

The last week was full of fun, laughter, and lots of sweet treats.  Brayden and Leah had such a wonderful Christmas.  They had a blast with family, have been enjoying their toys, and have been exhausted from all the excitement.  I have so many pictures to share... but I need to at least talk about Christmas morning.

The kids promptly woke up at 4:43am ready to open some presents.  I gave them a bath while Cavan started the coffee and got them Mercola protein drinks.  We got them dressed and headed down the stairs.  The looks on their faces were priceless.  They couldn't believe all the presents, and the first thing Leah asked... "Mom, Dad!  Can we open them NOW????"

We had to pace Leah, she would have ripped them all open and she wouldn't have the slightest clue what she got.  She had to open one, then wait for Brayden to open his present.  This made her really look at and enjoy what she got.  Almost every present she opened she said, "This is exactly what I wanted!!!".  It was so cute.  Brayden had other plans... he wanted to play with every present for at least 10 minutes before we could finally coax him to open another present.  He had so much fun and he is in love with all of his new toys.

Leah got tons of clothes, jewelry, hair supplies, and games.  She also got 2 new Tinkerbell movies (now we have all 4), Tinkerbell toys, and Barbies (which she requested!).  She was also very excited to see that Santa brought her dolphin she asked for.

Brayden got a dump truck that does somersaults, a Buzz Lightyear toy (seriously really cool!), a remote control truck, puzzles, books, a race track, a Loops and Swoops toy, clothes... he is having so much fun!  He plays with every toy too.  It is so fun watching him play with all his new toys so much.  He is especially fond of his somersault dump truck.  It talks to him, and he always tries to talk back.  It's so cute, he'll hug and kiss it, and he asks if it's "ok" when it crashes... he's such a tough boy, but a sweetie too.

We had such a great day and were able to end it with Skyping with my family and a princess pink birthday cake for Jesus... can you guess who chose that??

We spent the last couple of days enjoying all our new toys and the beautiful weather outside.  We also learned today we may have a future tennis pro on our hands!  He played with a ball tied to the banister for about an hour or more today.  He's actually quite good!

Enjoy ALL the pictures... there are sure enough of them!