Sunday, September 30, 2012


Leah and Brayden are at the perfect ages.  Leah is confident enough to make friends, go off on her own with just keeping an eye on Mom and Dad, yet still wants to play with us.  Brayden is constantly learning how coordination, confidence, and patience.  He still needs Mama and Dada very often (which makes me feel wonderful), but has an independent side that is so much fun for us to watch.  He is very opinionated but sweet and loving at the same time.

They have enjoyed attending gymnastics class together and constantly amaze me what they can do.  Brayden loves climbing and hanging, and Leah loves jumping and dancing.  She cannot wait to start her ballet class again soon and make new friends (which she is very good at!).  Their personalities are full of life and Cavan and I couldn't be more proud.

We rode the golf cart over to the bank yesterday and normally Cavan runs into the ATM box with Brayden, but this time Leah said she wanted to go.  Cavan said the screen showed a family riding bikes, and Leah commented on how neat the bikes were and how she really wanted one.  When it was time to go, some cash popped out of the ATM and Leah very surprised said, "WOW, Dad!!!  This machine gave us MONEY!!!!"  Cavan was giggling as he was walking out and Leah screamed to me, "Mom!  That machine gave us MONEY to buy a BIKE!!!" We busted out laughing and as we were driving away, she said, "I really like that machine, Daddy.".  It was so cute and so funny.  The innocence was adorable.

We've had a week full of craziness and fun.  Aunt Cassie and Aubrey came to visit.  Leah and Brayden loved playing with Aubrey.  They all got along so well.  It's so hard to believe sometimes how much our babies are growing up.  Enjoy the pictures!

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