Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It has been crazy busy over here, and I haven't had a chance to update as often as I would like.  The past 3 weeks seem like a blur, but in short... I was honored to be apart of a friend's homebirth (amazing experience!), Leah and Brayden met Santa for the first time, and we sent Leah's pre-k school application in (yikes!!!)

Our plan is to move to Charlottesville, VA in January.  We are thrilled to start a fresh beginning there.  Leah is anxious to start school there, and was so excited to help fill out her application.  She has been practicing a few things... She knows her full name - Leah Christian Carlson.  She knows her birthday - January 22nd.  She knows where we currently live - South Carolina.  She knows where we're moving - Virginia (Berginia if you ask Leah).  She also knows our current president - Obama... although when I was teaching her who our president was, she told Grandma our president was "hannabananaobama".  She was quite serious, and it was adorably cute.

This year was the first time they met Santa.  It was such a cute experience.  Leah found him talking to a few people at the store, and he walked right up to her.  He asked if she was there to see him, and if she wanted to walk back to his chair with him.  She took his hand and walked with him.  She was in shock a little, because on the way there she had a long list of things she wanted to ask him for.  When she came back from sitting on his lap, I asked her what she asked for... she said, "a dress.".  Ooook, a dress... I think Santa can do that.  Brayden wasn't as thrilled to sit on Santa's lap, it was quick, and not happy (but not crying either), but I at least snapped a picture.

While walking through the store, an elf (yes, an elf...) showed Leah this huge dolphin pillow.  Her eyes lit up, and she ran back to me with the dolphin.  She asked, "Mom!!  I need to ask Santa if he can get this for me!!!". With that, she took this dolphin all the way back to Santa and asked him if she could have it.  He talked to her for a minute and she turned back to me and with as much excitement as she possibly could have said, "HE SAID YESSSSS!!!"  I looked at him with a sheepish smile and said, "thanks Santa....".  I guess we'll be going back to that store this week alone...

Cavan usually is the one that reads a story to the kids at night.  We decided it was a good time to introduce "The Night Before Christmas".  They each got their own reindeer, Comet for Brayden, and Dasher for Leah.  They were so enthralled with the story and are currently snuggling their sweet reindeer sound asleep.  It's hard to believe it's Christmas time already.  I am so excited for the weeks to come.

Daddy playing guitar for Leah while she falls asleep... I love it!

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