Saturday, April 21, 2012

We're moving!

I have been meaning to post this for a few days, but we've been so busy packing.  We have been praying for peace, for the right answers, for the Lord to move and for us to notice.  Honestly, it couldn't have been more clear.

A week ago today we played around with the idea of selling our house.  We called a realtor friend, and she said she would check around to see if she had anyone that was interested.  Little did we know how clear the Lord was making things.  She called back not even 4 hours later telling us she was writing up an offer.  The next morning, we were signing the offer and heard he wanted to close in 9 days.  Ahh!  We didn't think everything would happen so fast, but the Lord is giving us peace about the entire situation.

We prayed for guidance, we had no idea where we were going to go.  We felt peace about moving back home.  Michigan.  Wow, Mighigan.  We're going to move in with my brother and his family until we can get into a rental.  I am excited, exhausted, and also a little sad.

Excited because I get to see my family, friends, and I am familiar with surroundings.  I get to meet my new baby niece for the first time.  I get to show off my kids to my family and friends.  Some of my friends also have kids around Leah and Brayden's ages.  I am really excited.

Exhausted because we've been packing, cleaning, and packing (ha) nonstop for the last 7 days.

Sad because I am leaving an amazing family.  I have grown to love my in-laws.  They have done so much for us, and have taught me even more.   My kids are head over heals in love with them too.  Great Grandma Carlson has such a special place with the kids.  They adore her.  Brayden has always loved playing with her.  Leah and Aubrey, although don't always agree on things, have grown up with each other.  They are hilarious together, and I know Leah is going to miss seeing her so often.

I have also met so many wonderful friends.  We met Paula and David almost 4 years ago.  Miles and Leah were born weeks apart and have enjoyed playing together often.  Paula gave me so much inspiration with my passion of pictures.  I am going to miss them so much.  Oh, so many wonderful friends here.

Also sad because we're selling our home.  The home Leah first walked in, the home Brayden was born in, the home where we have filled up to the ceiling with amazing memories.

With all these changes, comes new and exciting memories.  We are going to visit SC often, but also enjoy MI while we're there.  The kids and I are flying on Tuesday, and Cavan is driving a moving truck on Wednesday.

The one thing we decided to do with this entire journey is to follow the peace... follow where the Lord wants us, follow what he wants us to do.  I am sure there are going to be times where logically our decisions wont make sense, and people may not agree with what we do, but the we know without a shadow of a doubt, that when we follow the peace - the voice - we are going to be taken care of.  We will be blessed for following Him.  We are blessed.

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