Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

What a week!  We have been really enjoying time with my family lately.  Saturday morning I went horseback riding with my cousin, Amy.  It was so much fun.  Then we had my cousins, Amy, Tami, and Travis over with their kids.  We had 11 kids over at once... boy was it crazy, but they had so much fun! 

I woke up Sunday (Mother's Day) to flowers and a card.  Derick and Cavan made us breakfast, and we got ready to go to my Grandma's house.  It was great seeing my Mom's side of the family.  After, we went to my Dad's house for dinner.  We rode quads and played outside.

It was exhausting, but fun.  We also went to the zoo last week.  The kids had a great time.  We went fishing last night, and caught some really big fish.  The kids loved it.  I am jumping all over the place, so enjoy the pictures!


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