Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time outside.

It's been freezing cold here!  Ok, ok, not freezing, but seriously, it is so cold compared to what we're used to.  Luckily, the last few days it's been steadily getting warmer.  We have been having so much fun enjoying the beautiful Michigan outdoors.

We spent Sunday afternoon with my Aunt Cheryl, Grandma Goltz, cousins, Amy and Tami and their families. We seriously had the best time.  Leah and Brayden loved playing with Taylor, Grace, Trenten, Sarah, Torie, and Alivia.  It was so nice sending my kids to play with the older kids and not to worry about it.  It was the first time we have been able to relax at someone's house without worrying where the kids were.  Taylor and Grace watched Leah and Brayden so well.

After letting the kids play, we went to the barn and rode horses again.  Brayden got to ride Izzie all by himself.  I was so proud!  Leah acted like a natural.  I cannot wait to have horses again some day.  All 8 kids were playing on a little John Deer tractor, and they wouldn't stop laughing the entire time.  We had a blast!!

The last few days we have been outside as much as possible.  Brayden found a huge mud puddle in the yard and went swimming in it.  He was laughing so hard.  Leah dove in as well.  Charlee wanted nothing to do with it.  I had to scrub them from head to toe once they were finished.

We also got to skype with Cavan's family.  Leah and Brayden were so excited to see Aunt Cassie, Aubrey, Grandpa, and Grandma.  It was amazing seeing them, and Leah cannot stop talking about it.

After dinner Leah asked to go to bed (she missed a nap today) so we put her in bed, and Brayden, Charlee, Cavan, Derick, and I went and played outside.  We took a walk around the pond, got to see a baby robin, saw tons of baby geese and ducks, and let the dogs run and play in the grass.  We had so much fun tonight!

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