Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Splish Splash!

Hot, sticky, humid, sweaty, and exhausted are the words that come to mind when I think about this week so far.  Luckily, we have the beach!  Brayden and Leah have my wonderful complexion that tans easily.  They have some nice tan lines to prove it!  We've been going to the beach every morning with Grandma, and although Brayden is a little timid around the ocean, they enjoy it very much.  Leah always collects baby sea clams in a big bucket of water.  Every time it's time to go, she cries because she has to let them go (we had an unfortunate fatal accident with a bucket full of baby sea clams in the sun for half the day... not only was it sad, but it smelled like rotten clam chowder... yuck).  After giving Leah 2 choices (nap or snack) she normally snaps out of it, and we're happily riding back home in the golf cart.

Leah has been snuggling with me during Brayden's nap time.  We normally watch Cinderella every single day (sometimes she falls asleep)... then we pretend we're Cinderella all day long.  Brayden normally sleeps for 2 hours, although, with wearing himself out at the beach in the mornings, he sometimes sleeps for 3-4 hours (which is amazing!).

After nap and lunch we go outside on the deck and "swim" in the little pool.  The last 2 days they have been practicing for the Olympics by jumping from the picnic table into the pool.  They are so goofy and so much fun.

They both eat like crazy.  They are constantly eating fruit, seeds, salads, cheese... you name it (as long as it's healthy), they eat it!  Grandpa put some cantaloupe and watermelon on sticks and froze them.  The kids love their homemade ice pops.  He always has the best treats.

I am so excited to have Cavan home for good this weekend (hopefully).  It looks like the person he is training is going to be ok without him by then.  The kids and I are so excited to have him back with us.  Lots of exciting things happening, we cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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