Monday, August 13, 2012

Swimming Beach.

The past couple of days the kiddos had a very mild cold.  Leah had one night of being stuffy, and Brayden had the following night of being stuffy.  They got to spend a night snuggling with Mommy and they were rearing to go the following day (despite a very tired Mommy).  We have a few lingering coughs, but other than that, their immune systems are hard at work (and doing a wonderful job!).

We are very much enjoying every second we have with Grandpa and Grandma.  Grandpa keeps everyone laughing, and Grandma is always up for puzzles and books.  We are soaking them up, and really love our time together.

It was gorgeous out today, and we decided to take them to their favorite beach (aka. the swimming beach).  It's the most fun beach here, and the kids go crazy every time we're there.  Today was no exception, and I am pretty confident when I say I think they had the most fun they've ever had at the beach today.  Leah was kicking around in her little tiger float, and Brayden was chasing the waves and jumping into Daddy's arms.  Besides my phobia of stepping on a crab, fish, or other mystical sea creature, I had fun too.

We cold turkey broke Leah of her thumb sucking habit, and although we had a couple of rough nights, she hasn't even tried for the last few days.  I am so proud of her!  We used a bitter tasting nail polish, and she didn't really seem to mind, it was just harder to break the habit than anything.  She is such a big girl!!  ((now looking at this paragraph, it doesn't really fit into the "flow" but I am too tired to fix it.... so I guess I am going to cut this post awkwardly))

I am so in love with my family.  Enjoy the pictures!

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