Saturday, April 30, 2011

8 months.

I was standing in line today at Target while Brayden was smiling and cooing at anyone who would look at him.  I was asked by 3 people how old he was.  I told them he was 7 months, and went on my way.  As I got into the car, I looked at my phone and it said the 30th.  What?!  Could he really be 8 months old today??

For some reason, Brayden is getting older much faster than I remember with Leah.  He is so amazing.  Honestly, I cannot think of a better word to describe Brayden.  He is the squishiest, sweetest, most lovable baby ever.  His eyes are so gentle and kind.  He is amazing.

While I was nursing him before bed tonight he wouldn't stop staring at me.  Every time I would even glance at him he would stop nursing, and give me a huge grin.  I honestly had to stop looking at him because I was afraid he wouldn't eat enough.  I just kept thinking how amazingly blessed I am.

My kids are indescribable, I am so madly in love with them.  I can't have a bad day, I mean.. really, they are wonderful!  Yes, I may be tired... I may hate how incredibly messy my house is.  I may need to shower more than I would like to admit.  But wow, I have never been so proud of myself in my entire life.  I am raising 2 amazing people with my best friend.  I am trying my best every day to be God's love.  I want my kids to look back and remember how much their Mommy loves them and how much she loves the Lord.  I am feeling blessed... so much more than I can say.

Happy 8 month birthday Bubs.

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