Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

It was a very windy storm, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We checked out the ocean yesterday and even got caught in a downpour on the golf cart.  So picture this... Cavan driving, Leah freaking out because she was getting wet, I was nursing Brayden while trying to keep him dry, Aubrey was crying because she was getting chilly from the rain, and poor Casandra getting all the water from the top of the golf cart poured down her back... it was interesting.

Bill and Jen came over to hang out last night.  We made a yummy dinner, and had fun practicing treats for Brayden's birthday.  Hard to believe he is going to be one in 3 days!

We ended up letting the kids sleep in their rooms upstairs because it was so mild.  We were supposed to get the really bad weather around 2am, so we set an alarm to make sure we didn't have to bring the kids downstairs.  The weather really picked up around 4am and it was really windy, but nothing bad enough to wake the kids.

We went back to the ocean today and got to enjoy the tail end of the hurricane and see all the debris from the storm.  Bryan and Casandra took us for a ride on the golf cart this morning and we enjoyed seeing the aftermath of the storm.  There was about 8-12" of water on the road by Mom and Dad Carlson's house.  We drove through some of it, and it reminded me of being on a boat.. haha, it was crazy.  There were a few trees that fell over, lots of leaves (or weabes as Leah calls them), branches, and mud.  We are still getting some strong wind gusts, but other than that it seems to have passed us.  Enjoy the pictures!

 It was soooo windy.. check out his hair!!

 When he's hungry.. he's gotta eat, even if we are riding in the golf cart :)

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