Saturday, August 20, 2011

I do it!

I am so excited to be writing this post already.  We are feeling so much better.  Today was a huge leap in the health department in our house.  Both kids slept in until 8am, with Brayden only waking 3 times to nurse at night. He did go 4 nights in a row sleeping 12-13 hours without waking to nurse, but that was right before he wasn't feeling well.  We are hoping tonight is the night for sleeping all the way through again.

Brayden is on the verge of being able to walk.  He can push his walker, scale all the furniture, and even stand unassisted for a few seconds.  I can't believe my little man will be "1" next Tuesday.  He is really getting attached to me.  If I leave the room, he cries, and if I am sitting on the floor, he always climbs on me.  He is such a snuggler.  I love that he recognizes me now.  He is saying a lot of baby jabber, but no real words yet.  He can eat like a horse.. and loves to feed himself.  He is such a sweet tempered little boy.

Leah is... oh goodness.. Leah is independent, assertive, and amusing.  The most current frequent phrase coming from her mouth is, "I do it!  I do it myself!  No, Mommy.  I do it!".  I can't tell you how many times a day I hear that phrase, too many to count.  She is so into doing everything by herself.... getting dressed, getting on the potty, going down the stairs, opening the doors.. ect.  She is taking it a little too far sometimes.  For instance, she thinks holding my hand is something she doesn't want to do anymore.  Well, when I am carrying her brother, and we are in a parking lot.. she needs to hold my hand.  No questions asked.  We have had quite a few meltdowns, but we're working on it.  She is getting better, but wow... seeing this side of her personality shouldn't surprise me, but where did my baby go??  Although she is very much into doing everything by herself, she is such a lovey little girl.  She loves cuddling, giving hugs, and kisses.  She is a confident, sweet, passionate little thing.  I sure love her.

I am so in love with my husband and kids.  I am so very blessed.

Things got a little messy at dinnertime, even Payton got rice in her hair.

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