Friday, November 11, 2011

Family Visit

My mom, brother, sister-in-law, and niece came to visit us over the weekend.  Charlee (my niece) is only 6 weeks younger than Brayden and it was beyond cute watching them interact.  He is walking so much more, and has multiple bruises on his head to prove it (although, he is very careful!).  Leah loved having everyone here, and was so excited to spend time with them.

We mostly just hung out at home and watched the kids play together.  I got to spend a lot of time with Janelle, which I haven't ever gotten to do.  I had so much fun with her, and couldn't believe how much alike we are.  We had so much fun talking about mom things and I very much enjoyed her visit.  

We took the kids to the beach too.  Charlee loved eating the sand, Brayden loved kicking in the sand, and Leah loved running around with Daddy in the sand.  We tried getting a picture of Grayma and the kiddos and got them all situated only to have a wave come and soak Leah.  She walked back to the golf cart without any pants or underwear on.

Cavan and Derick enjoyed playing with their little monster truck remote control cars.  They honestly had so much fun making a track and jumping them.  It was so much fun.

Derick, Janelle, Cavan, and I went on a double date while Grayma and Grandma Carlson watched the kids.  It was so cute when Leah saw two of her grandmothers standing next to each other, she said, "Wow!  That's a lot of Grandmas!".  We went to Wonderworks and had so much fun.  The kids did well, and we were able to enjoy time away from the house together.  

We played games often and just enjoyed each other's company.  We had so much fun and cannot wait to see them in March when Derick and Janelle have their second baby girl.  Thank you Derick, Janelle, and Mom for everything.

Don't they look thrilled??

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