Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We're finally feeling better and are enjoying the wonderful weekend.  We started off the day before Thanksgiving with haircuts...  I gave Leah her first trim since one side of her head was an inch longer than the other.  It's nice having both sides even, I was able to put braids in her hair for the first time... which looked adorable.  Brayden needed more than a trim.  I looked up on YouTube how to cut a little boy's hair and went to work.  I give credit to the YouTube videos because Brayden's haircut looks wonderful.  I actually was impressed with my skills.  Cavan needed his usual cut, I was able to get them all done in one afternoon.  Phew!

We did a few projects over the last couple days.  Leah's all time favorite is putting colored water (blue and green this time) into different bottles, squirters, containers, and cups and pouring, squeezing, squirting, and splashing around with them.  At the end we HAD to make bubbles in the colored water, she loved it.  Then, Daddy made the giant bubble while I cleaned the kitchen.  It kept the kids entertained the entire time.  He also put the slide onto the stairs and let the kids climb the stairs and slide down the slide into Payton's dog bed.  They were whipped by the time the day was over.

 Thanksgiving was so yummy.  Brayden ate like a horse (as usual), and Leah didn't even touch a bite of turkey. She really enjoyed the beet slaw and pecan rolls.  Dessert was the best part.  They both loved the pumpkin pie.  It was wonderful seeing all Cavan's family and skyping with some of mine.  We were stuffed to the rim until the next morning.

We met Casandra, Bryan, and Aubrey at the park yesterday.  The kids had so much fun and although Brayden was still getting over the cold (congestion, runny nose), he had a blast getting dirty.  Aubrey and Leah were adorable holding hands and running around together.  They both went down the huge slide alone, and they were worn out by the time we left.

Leah and I have plenty of Christmas projects in the making.  We went to the craft store today and while at the checkout the lady asked if we were making our own ornaments, and Leah smiled and said, "Yes, we're making for Jesus, for Jesus Birthday!".  The lady said it was the sweetest thing she has ever heard.  Leah is in love with Christmas decorations and lights.  She tells everyone it's all decorations for Jesus' birthday.  I am so proud of her.  She is honestly the sweetest thing, and her innocence and love for the Lord is shining through already.

We ended today with a trip to Grandpa and Grandma's for Bay Natural's dinner.  It was yummy, as always. The kids loved getting into their Christmas tree, and enjoyed time on Grandpa's Park.  The kids started getting antsy so we headed home early.  They enjoyed running around the house and playing for a good hour and a half before bedtime.  They love playing with glow sticks in the bath tub, and ended up going to bed a little later tonight.  I think they both enjoyed a little extra time with Mommy and Daddy.

Cavan and I are about to watch a movie together... something that doesn't happen nearly enough.  Hope you enjoy the pictures, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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