Friday, February 10, 2012


Being a parent, I have learned that teaching and guiding are so important.  Not just telling your children what to do, don't do, and threaten - but to teach them why, show them how, and guide them to better themselves.  I wish it was easy as the 2 sentences I just wrote, but wow... Leah sure knows how to test this "method".  

I have been explaining to her how we need to love each other, listen to one another, and be kind.  It's such a hard thing to teach a 3 year old that thinks her little brother is a Mommy Stealer.  She either tries to act like a baby, or she is down right malicious.  Yes, sweet, adorable, teeny tiny little Leah - she can be quite abrasive.  

It was time for us to show her that not only is it not kind to, let's say take a toy away from Brayden, but there was a consequence for it too.  We now have a guideline for our day.  We say it to her the second she wakes up, and remind her throughout the day.  She actually finishes our sentence now.  "No crying, no whining, we need to be nice to Brayden, and listen to Daddy and Mommy."  

We have been reading her Bible stories that talk about loving each other and how we need to respect others.  I think it's sinking in, although for a 3 year old... it's a lot to absorb.  She gets a reward every night if she stays within the guidelines.  Her choice for a reward... to do a project - her very favorite thing to do.  So, as long as she tries, and is nice to others, doesn't whine and cry for no reason, and listens to us, she gets to do whatever project she desires.  The only downfall - if she doesn't stay within the guidelines - she doesn't do a project.  

She had to learn the hard way this week.  We gave her multiple warnings, and only 2 out of the 6 days resulted in actually doing a project after Brayden went to bed.  She is learning, growing, stretching, and becoming a wonderful girl... it's not always easy for her, but she is doing better every day.  She is so particular which I think is 1/2 of her issue - she doesn't mean to take something away from Brayden, but he normally doesn't do something exactly the same way that she would do it (which is the "right" way) and she gets frustrated.  She is slowly learning that her way isn't always the correct way.  

Enjoy the pictures of Leah doing one of her projects with Daddy, and also some of Grandpa and Grandma's house from tonight.  

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