Monday, February 13, 2012

Ice Skating

It has been so very cold here the past 2 days.  Cavan decided to make an ice skating "rink" for the kids.  He put some 2 x 4's under some plastic and a tarp, and filled it up with water the night before.  Sure enough, in the morning it was frozen solid.  We put 2 pair of pants on each kid, hats, mittens, and ran out the door.  We were super cautious at first, but they actually enjoyed falling as much as they enjoyed slipping and sliding.  We figured with Brayden's cloth diaper, and Leah's extra thick pants.. they could stand a fall or two.

They laughed so hard, it seriously was so cute.  They played outside for a good 30-45 minutes... it would have been longer, but it was so so so cold!!!  We went inside to a nice warm bath.  Enjoy the pictures!

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