Saturday, February 18, 2012

She loves him!

For the last 17 (almost 18) months, I have been very confident in the fact that Leah does not like Brayden, let alone, love him.  The past few days, she has changed my thoughts.  Occasionally I will see her hugging him, and not the -quick squeeze him as hard as I can then throw him to the ground kind of hug- but a sincere sweet hug.

Today, she did more than I ever thought she would.  I was in the other room, and glanced over to the kids playing in the pool (yes we have a pool in the house filled with balls and pillows), only to see Brayden snuggled up in Leah's lap.  Her back was to me, but I heard her clear as day, "I love you too, Buddy.  You're so beautiful.".  I melted, and grabbed my camera (of course!!!).  They sat like that for a few minutes while Leah stroked Brayden's hair.

Wow.  I am in shock.  I love it, and am praying this continues.  Her love towards her little brother kind of ended right after that sweet display, but I have been seeing more and more glimpses of it lately.  Oh I just love it!

We had a great few days, including a fun Valentines Day starting with heart shaped strawberries and pancakes for breakfast.  We have been enjoying the wonderful weather by playing outside and going to the beach.  What a wonderful life.  Enjoy the pictures (click the photo to make it bigger, I just uploaded a lot more than normal, and didn't want to take up too much space)!

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