Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas in SC

I think I have said this every year for the past 4 years (yes, our 4 year anniversary is this week... crazy!!) but it never feels like Christmas in 70 degree weather.  I am not complaining, but it is very different than the every single year has a white Christmas state that I am used to.  We have been enjoying spending time outside with our little guys, and are anxiously awaiting Christmas next week!

We went Christmas shopping with Great-Grandma Carlson on Monday with Casandra, Aubrey, and Grandma Carlson.  It was so much fun.  The girls were going bonkers in the store grabbing onto everything in sight.  Leah fed off of Aubrey and Aubrey fed off of Leah.  It could have been disastrous, but it turned out being really fun.  We ended up going out for dinner afterward, and Leah really enjoyed sitting in a booster seat like a big girl.  She was such a good girl, and I know she really enjoyed time alone with the girls.

After our normal crazy Wednesday (Holistic Mom's Network meeting, and Ovis Hill Farm) we decided to do a few projects with Leah.  She is always up for another project, and enjoys them so much.

We ate completely gluten free and refined sugar free this entire week.  We actually only ate grain twice.  I feel amazing, so much more energized and just all around healthier.  The kids loved all the fruits and veggies, and they didn't complain about no animal crackers or cereal... ect.  They both loved eating seeds, nuts, and berries the most.  This will be a new normal for us from now on and I am so glad everyone is enjoying all these new recipes.

Leah and Aubrey helped Grandpa Carlson make cookie wreaths last night.  They both did so well, and after reminding them a couple of times, neither of them tried the cookies or candies.  They just had a blast decorating them.  They love each other and enjoy every time we get together.

Cavan made a fire for Leah and Brayden to enjoy last night.  It was such a beautiful night out, and the kids were amazed by the fire.  Leah loved looking at the stars (something she has recently become interested in).

We went over to Grandpa and Grandma's house to decorate cookies (Cavan and I were up super late last night making grain free sugar free cookies).  They enjoyed using the sprinkles and eating the frosting (mine was made with cream cheese, coconut oil, a little maple syrup, and almond extract).  Other than that it kind of turned into a disaster.  Leah was in a mood, and I was exhausted from staying up baking... so we ended up going home early.  Oh well.

Nap time was nice today.  I was able to get some cleaning done kid-free.  After, we went outside and played with chalk.  I couldn't believe how much Brayden loved coloring with chalk.  He only tried eating it once, and colored a ton.  He some how rolled over on some pictures and got a huge streak of blue all over his face.  It was pretty cute.  Leah loved helping draw lions and butterflies, while Daddy and Brayden drew a Jeep.

Brayden got to try out Leah's pink quad.  He is manly enough to ride a pink and purple quad.. haha.  It took Leah months to even push the button.  Brayden on the other hand, he thought it was great!  He was pushing the button the entire time.  He was laughing and having a wonderful time.  Leah was learning how to steer, and she really started getting the hang of it.

Daddy took both kids on his long board.  They have so much fun when he does that.  I could hear them laughing all the way down our street.  They have such a wonderful Daddy.

Enjoy the pictures!

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