Saturday, December 3, 2011


It's so hard to believe it's already December!  The weather here has been amazing, and we have been enjoying being able to take walks without it being too hot.  We have been taking 2 or more walks a day the past 2 weeks.  It is so nice!

We've been staying busy with trips to Grandpa and Grandma's house, reading books, doing projects, decorating for Christmas, playing with friends, making oh-so delicious dinners, going to the aquarium to see the Mermaids, and having way too much fun with a laundry basket and funny noises on a cell phone.

Brayden is walking like a pro.  He finally is able to stand up in the middle of the room by himself (he did it 3 times tonight!).  He is such a happy kid, and is always willing to give a stranger a smile.  He is really good at saying "all done" now, it is so cute.  He has an adorable personality.  He is starting to throw mini tantrums, which I thought those were magically not going to happen to Brayden.  They aren't nearly as bad as Leah's were (and are (sorry Leah)), but they are there, and it is one more reminder that he is a human and not some angel baby.  He is pretty consistent with only waking up once a night (normally around 2am) to nurse.  He has been sleeping in until 7 or 8 lately, which is amazing!!  He has had a few nights of sleeping all through the night, but he isn't too consistent with that.

Leah is doing great.  She is such a chatter box.  She loves talking about Jesus and all the stories in the Bible (her favorite being Noah's Ark).  She loves reading books with Daddy at night.  His normal book routine consists of Muddy Paws, Cho Cho Train, The Story of Baby Jesus, and the Toddler Bible.  She loves being read to by Daddy.  She still has a mini potty in her bedroom as she doesn't like going number two around anyone.  She seems obsessed with sitting on it even when she doesn't have to go at night (I think it's because she knows she doesn't have to sit in bed when she's on her potty).  She loves going to the bathroom downstairs by herself.  I frequently hear, "No Mommy, you stay.  I go myself.".  It is a huge reminder to be how big she is getting.  I can't believe my little girl can go to the restroom all by herself.  She loves talking about the weather, sun, and moon.  I sing to her every night, and one of our routine songs is called Mr. Moon.  She is so funny, and loves to copy people.  She definitely stretches me every day, but she's such a wonderful kid.  I know she is going to grow up to be a sweet, respectful, and loving woman.

Payton, Delko, Penny, and Bailey are doing great.  The dogs have been enjoying the extra walks lately.  Penny and Bailey are hilarious.  They seem to meow more than any cat I have ever met.  Bailey has become obsessed with ice cubes, and by obsessed I mean every. single. time. we get ice from the freezer she flies into the kitchen and lets out a scream.  It is quite humorous.

Some of these next photos are some of my very favorite.  Particularly the one of Aubrey kissing Leah, Brayden playing with his favorite toy (cars), and the kids just having fun.  Enjoy the pictures.  I will try to update more often next time.

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