Friday, December 23, 2011


Leah loves loves loves opening presents (who doesn't??).  Today the kids got to open her gifts from Grayma and Grandpa Jack.  They got a bike trailer and were so excited about it.  We took it for a test drive earlier today, and boy did they have fun!

After enjoying a beautiful day outside, we had dinner and let the kids play around the house.  I made another batch of kale chips (we make at least 2 every week) and the kids inhaled them!  It is so funny to see a big plate of chips, and then it's just crumbs everywhere.  So wonderful my kids eat just about everything we give them!

We were playing with chalk outside today, and Leah told me the buggies needed something to eat.  I asked her what they wanted and here is the list of things I had to draw for the buggies to eat: green beans, salad, celery and dippy, kale chippies, almonds, berries, banana, and brown rice (yes, she really did say brown.).  Cavan and I were laughing as most kids wouldn't have that list.

Enjoy the pictures!

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