Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carlson Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Cavan's side of the family a week early as Casandra, Bryan, and Aubrey will be in North Carolina for Christmas.  Leah had a blast opening presents.  She was so excited and the anticipation waiting until after we ate was almost too much.  She looked at me and said, "I so excited, Mama!".

Brayden got lots of fun cars, and boy toys.  He wasn't really into ripping them open, but he has been enjoying playing with his toys.  He is the kind of kid that plays with every toy exactly how the box shows.  He loves all toys, and knows what to do with them.

Leah was excited to get some games, a great hanging seat, and her very own camera.  She loves taking pictures just like Mommy.  We had to teach her she didn't have to put it right up to her eye like she sees me doing.  She has taken so many pictures, it is so cute watching her mimic the way I take pictures too.  The batteries had to be replaced not even a day after she received the camera.... we may be in trouble!

Cavan and I rearranged the living room and sun room (both of which are play rooms).  We were going to put Leah's new hanging chair in her bedroom, but she insisted it be hung downstairs, which proved to be a huge challenge in rearranging our house.  I love the way it is now, and we cleared out all the "old toys" to make room for all the new ones.  The kids love the new layout.

The weather is still quite nice here.  It was in the 60's today and the kids enjoyed playing outside.  Brayden loves eating dirt and pretending to write with sticks.  He is such a ham.  I just love him.  Leah had so much fun "gardening" our weeds.  She is such a goofy girl.  I cannot get over how amazing she is.

I am beyond blessed with my sweet babies and wonderful (I mean WONDERFUL) husband.  Enjoy the pictures... the kids are growing up!

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