Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dum Dum Da Dum.

Brayden and I went to Florida over the weekend to attend Derick (my brother) and Janelle's wedding.  They got married on the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship, and are happily enjoying their honeymoon right now.  I made sure to get a non stop flight, and Brayden did decent on the way there.  He is such a wiggle worm and isn't very good about holding still, but he did fine.  

I was so excited to see Derick right as I exited the plane.  I wasn't sure if he was going to be at the airport to pick me up.  Then I look about 10 feet to the left of him, and there was my mom... taking pictures of me exiting the plane... haha.  There were about 20 people walking beside me, and they were wondering what was going on.  Brayden was happy to see his Grandma and Uncle Derick.  I was so anxious to get back to the hotel to see my niece, Charlee.  Since Brayden and Charlee were born 6 weeks apart, we haven't been able to see each other's babies.  I was so excited.

Charlee was everything I dreamed she would be.  She is so cute, sweet, and mild mannered.  Brayden had so much fun playing around with her.  They were adorable together.  They would talk in their own little language together.  I even got to babysit her for a couple hours while Derick and Janelle went to the pool.  

On Saturday we got to board the cruise ship and spent a few hours walking around in awe at how huge the boat really was.  It was amazing.  It had a movie theater, an ice skating rink, a mall, lots of pools... everything!  We even got tons of free food... it was so much fun.

We the attended their wedding.  It was truly beautiful.  I just looked at pictures from the wedding and honestly got tears in my eyes.  I am so happy for Derick and Janelle.  Charlee is one lucky baby!  

I honestly had so much fun.  It was amazing seeing my Mom, Jack, Derick, Janelle, and Charlee.  I missed Leah and Cavan so very much.  Leah had rough time without Mommy, but Daddy and Grandma Carlson took great care of her and everyone is so happy to be home together as a family.  Enjoy the pictures.

Brayden honestly had the entire restaurant laughing... I didn't know how to bring homemade baby food with me without it spoiling, so I brought some organic store bought baby food just in case Brayden wanted it.  My mom started feeding him in Panera, and he kept making this funny face... we were all laughing so hard.  Derick got a video of it, and I'll try to post it once they get back.. It was so cute.

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