Saturday, May 21, 2011

So much.

I hate going a week without posting.  There is so much to catch up on.  Leah caught a little sniffle a few days ago, then Brayden caught it, then I caught it... It's not terrible, but it sure is annoying.  Brayden had a hard time sleeping the first night so I stayed awake almost the entire night to rock him in the chair while he slept upright so he could breathe better.  I am still tired from that night.  Leah is back to her normal self, but since I was the last one to catch it, I am a little more miserable than they are... which makes taking care of two frisky kids a challenge.

Cavan's office is really starting to look more like an office and less like a shed.  It's really nice.  I am so excited he can finally work from home!  Our yard is amazing, and we're loving everything about it!!!

Speaking of our yard... we have had quite a few snakes slither their way up in our grass.  Last year we found 3 copperheads.  Just last week we saw a huge black snake which looked like a cottonmouth.  I know the Lord will protect us, but we were told by 4 people to get an outdoor cat.  We batted that suggestion back and forth, but never really came up with a solution.  We are laying moth balls around the perimeter, we have the fence tightly against the ground... and now.. well now, we have two little kitties.  Ugh, I know.. what was I thinking?  Adding to my already hectic day??  Actually, they will live outdoors, which is why we got 2 of them.  We have the entire thing (hopefully) all figured out.  They're pretty cute too!  I was looking on Craigslist today (love that site), and saw these really cute kittens very close to where we live.. so I called Cavan, and he said to get them.  They are super cute... well, I'll let you be the judge.

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