Friday, May 13, 2011


Leah has been sticking to me like velcro... or maybe even super glue.  She didn't like me leaving, not even one bit... and now I am paying for it.  She is super clingy, whiny, and wont let me out of her sight.  She constantly has to be touching me.  It makes me feel so bad for leaving her home.

We went to swimming lessons Wednesday.  Leah was so excited to wear her bathing suit.  She was even more excited that Aubrey was going too!  She was eager to get into the water, and actually pulled me into the deeper part of the water.  She was having fun!  The instructor started singing a song, and we were familiarizing the kids with the water.  Once we had to face them toward us, instead of holding them against us, Leah freaked out.  She wanted the water, but she didn't feel secure.  I didn't force it, and tried to get her to calm down by playing with a ball.  She thought it was ok, but wanted out.  I wrapped her in her towel, and sat on the bench next to the pool.. the instructor insisted I make Leah get back into the pool.  She said she'll only fuss for a minute, then she'll have fun.  Obviously this lady hadn't met Leah before... I kept politely refusing.  The lady kept pushing, so finally I told her I didn't feel comfortable pushing her into something she was afraid of, and walked away.  I know if I pushed too hard, Leah would take a very long time before she would even consider going into a pool again.  I know my kid - thank you very much.

Leah, Brayden, and I met Aubrey and Casandra at gymnastics on Thursday.  The girls had a blast, like usual. There were so many kids this week though.  I had to change Brayden's diaper while there, and Leah was just walking around having a good time.  All the kids started going into the other side of the gym, and she was following them.  I tried as hard as I could to call her name so she could hear me, she didn't and kept going.  Once she realized I wasn't there she panicked.  I felt so bad!  Poor thing.  She really doesn't want me out of her sight.  We played around a bit after that, and ended up leaving early.  I packed a lunch and she ate the entire thing on the way home.  She sure worked up an appetite.

Brayden is doing wonderful!  He is almost 17lbs and has 2 teeth now!  He is so very close to crawling.  He army crawls everywhere.  He sure likes getting into everything too.  He's not a big eater (other than num nums), but that's ok with me.

Our back yard just got fenced in.  We have been waiting for this for a long time.  It feels so nice to have it done!  I will have to post pictures of the yard soon.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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