Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have been enjoying this summer so far.  This is my first southern summer without being pregnant or having a newborn... and it feels GREAT!  Brayden is crawling like a champ, Leah is learning tons of new things every day, and I am trying to keep up with all the madness.  haha.

Leah had a fever and was sick for a couple of days.  I have never had to deal with her being so sick before, and it really taught me a lot.  I needed to realize I am loved by an all mighty God who will heal anything.  A fever to Him is nothing... I sure learned a lot, and I am actually thankful for the opportunity to learn it. 

Leah was feeling better last night, so we went outside to draw on our sidewalk with chalk.  We made circles, doggies, flowers, and even a butterfly.  Leah was running back to me after finding one of her baby dolls in the garage.  She was running so fast she didn't realize the hose was in the way.  She fell scraping her knee, she had me kiss it after she kissed it.  She then started looking for her doll.  Ut Oh!  Baby doll was face first on our chalk doggie.  Leah cried at first as baby's face was blue... but then she laughed, because it was pretty funny.

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