Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have been determined to come up with creative and fun ideas for Leah and Brayden to enjoy.  Leah is a much easier age to try new things as she doesn't try to eat everything in sight, but there have been a few things Brayden has been able to enjoy too.  I found a really fun blog, Play At Home Mom.  They have some of the most creative ideas to do with your children.  I have taken the bull by the horns and we are doing more fun things every day.

Brayden naps in the morning, and this is normally when Leah and I do something very special together.  Leah has been enjoying water beads, flower foam, giant bubble houses, chalk, paint, and bubbles all just this week!  She learns so many new things with every activity.  She learned how purple can be a light shade or a dark shade from the water beads.  She learned different textures - slimy, slippery, squishy, soft, hard, gross, smooth.. the list is never ending.  I gave her these things and let her imagination run wild.  I didn't tell her how to play with it.  I didn't tell her she was doing it the wrong way.  Today, she was cutting foam blocks... She was very into putting the butter knife into the foam when suddenly she asked me for Noah's animals (from her Noah's Ark).  I came back with the animals and started placing them on her foam blocks when she said, "Not there Momma, animals hungry."  She started cutting off little foam pieces and put the animals in a circle to eat together.  I was amazed she knew exactly what she wanted them to do.  The joy in her face getting to experience these things has been amazing.

We have so many more fun things in store.  I am so excited to find new and creative ideas for her to do.  Since starting this new method, she has been happier, easier, and calmer.  It is amazing.  I challenge you to try it too, and just see how it changes things... And please, if you have some creative ideas - let me know!  I'd love to try them!!

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