Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First haircut!

I have been a Mommy for over 2.5 years.  I have experienced a lot in my circle of Mommyhood, but haircuts haven't been on the agenda.  I refuse to cut Leah's hair.  It took her oh so long to grow, and I am not about to cut it.  Brayden on the other hand has a head full of gorgeous blond hair.  He had a little area on the top that was so long it would get in his eyes, then he was growing a pretty sizable mullet.  Cavan distracted him with a puppet and I went to work.  I was really nervous cutting his hair, but felt sort of qualified as I do cut Cavan's hair to save money.  Brayden did wonderfully and I think I did a decent job too.  I cannot believe how just cutting a few hairs makes him suddenly look so much older.  

Leah and I made multigrain sandwich bread the other day.  I am so sick of paying more than $5 per loaf of bread... so, I am making it.  It turned out amazing, and it will be our new Monday ritual!  Doesn't it look great??

Leah, Brayden, and I went grocery shopping today, and we passed some "baby" pumpkins.  Leah got super excited so we brought 3 of them home with us.  I asked her what she wanted to do with them, and she said "PAINT!".  So, she painted them... and her hands.  Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. what recipe do you use to make your bread??? THat's a really good idea! Bread is getting SO expensive!!