Saturday, September 17, 2011

Light Box.

I was so excited to find out my in-laws had a light box they weren't using.  I looked online and they are anywhere between $300-$600.  Yikes!  My father-in-law had a really nice one too.  Leah has been having a blast with it, and we experimented with water beads and glass containers this morning.  She literally played all day with the light box.  

We still have to make a plexi-glass protective cover for it and turn part of my kitchen into a craft/light box area.  Leah is learning so many new things every day... it's so much fun watching her play, discover, and learn without actually "teaching" her anything.  We even went to the dollar store today and picked out some really fun things for new projects next week.  We cannot wait to share all the fun ideas with you!  

I have really been trying my hardest to let Leah learn by playing and exploring.  Today, she decided to learn with a glass of milk.  Normally, I would freak out and tell her to stop because she would get messy.  Today, Cavan and I just sat back and watched her.  She would dip her paper towel into her milk and squeeze it onto her tray... she did this over and over again until she didn't have any milk left in her cup.. then she reversed it... she soaked it up with her towel and squeezed it back into her cup.  She thought it was SO cool.  I did too until the milk ended up on the chair, floor, and Delko.. OK so I might have "inside" freaked out a little.  I quickly distracted her with the water beads and all was well.  It's a learning process more for Cavan and I than anything.. Leah is just having fun!

I know this post is mostly about Leah, but Brayden had fun today too!  He has been sleeping better, only waking about 1-2 times a night, and I think that little extra sleep is helping him be in a fantastic mood in the morning.  He was hilarious today.  If Leah is loud and doing her high pitch screech of excitement, Brayden will copy her and do the same.  It is so cute.  He is such a wonderful little guy and makes us laugh constantly.  He's still not walking, but seems to be getting more coordinated every day.  

Enjoy the pictures!


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