Friday, March 16, 2012


The past few days the weather has been amazing.  It feels like summer already, and we're loving it!  We went to the beach on Wednesday, the park on Thursday and Friday, and Grandpa and Grandma's too!

Brayden has been getting so big lately.  He isn't acting like a baby anymore, more a little boy.  It makes me so happy and so sad all at the same time.  He is starting to talk more too.  His new favorite word is "Delko".  When we were at the beach every single dog he saw he called Delko.  It was so cute.  He is running, climbing, wrestling, and has more scratches and bruises on his legs than I can count.  He is a rough and tumble kind of guy and I am so in love.  He loves snuggling with his Momma, and I love every second.  He is still nursing at least 2 times a day (normally at night or when he gets hurt) but he also refuses to nurse every once in a while.  It kind of makes me sad, I don't want him to wean so soon.

I can't believe he's 18.5 months.  He is almost the age that Leah was when he was born.  He loves doing puzzles (and is really good at them), driving and crashing cars, and tormenting his sister.  He's still tiny.. only 19.5lbs but he is sure tough.  I think I kiss him thousands of times a day.  I cannot get enough of him.  I can only pray he loves my kisses as much when he's older.

Leah has had a rough couple of days.  She gets into these funks and sometimes it takes a while for her to get out of it.  If things don't go perfectly her way, she has a fit and it ruins almost the entire day.  I ended up taking away all of her dresses tonight as that has been the root of most of our problems.  She insists on wearing a dress, and when she can't (like when we went to the park today) she freaks out.  She now won't have a choice... she owns zero dresses.  We'll see how tomorrow morning goes.  I did go clothing shopping for the kids today, so hopefully she is too excited about the new clothes to worry about the dresses.

On the way home from the park today, I noticed a turtle walking in the parking lot of our community center.  I asked Cavan to go back and show the kids.  Leah was excited to see it, although she didn't want to touch it.  Brayden was petting it as it was hissing at him.  He thought it was pretty funny.  Cavan ran it back to the pond when we were done admiring it.  I love showing the kids all the fun creatures God made.

I have my wisdom tooth removal scheduled for Thursday the 29th.  I am looking forward to getting them out, but I am a little nervous.  Luckily my mom is coming down to help me with the kids.  I am so happy she is able to spend time with the kids when I am going to be recovering.

We're excited for a great weekend.  Hope you enjoy your's too!

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