Thursday, March 8, 2012


We've been having some crazy weather lately.  One day it was 80, and one day it was in the low 50's.  The kids have been having so much fun outside, no matter what the weather.  Brayden loves playing with sticks, digging in the dirt, and throwing things over the fence on Daddy's shoulders.  Leah is always exploring, collecting, and pretending to be either a puppy or a princess.  She is hilarious.

We were skyping with my Mom and Grandma right after it rained.  My Grandma hasn't seen Cavan's office in the back yard, so I took the laptop outside so she could see it.  The kids followed me and were showing off running around the yard.  It was super nice out (80+ out) and Brayden found a huge puddle of water collected in the slide.  He sat right in it and splashed around.  Before I knew it Leah was in there too.  I took their clothes off so we could go inside, but they preferred to play.  I told my Mom and Grandma to "watch" the kids for me real quick so I could get the camera.  They were too funny!

Lately my wisdom teeth have been hurting so badly.  They got worse with each pregnancy, and at this point they are almost unbearable.  My entire bite changed in a 2 day period.  I cannot close my mouth the way I used to, and my mouth is constantly throbbing.  I finally couldn't stand it any longer and went to the dentist today.  They preformed a routine cleaning (which was way overdue), x-rays (which I really hated getting, but I had to), and a good old referral slip.  I had to go to the oral surgeon and schedule the surgery.  Unfortunately, I have to wait an entire week just for a consultation, I am praying they can get me scheduled for the surgery shortly after. I can't even eat very well, so I am really looking forward to getting this over with.

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