Thursday, March 1, 2012

Outdoor Fun.

The kids have been going bonkers outside lately.  They have been enjoying playing in the back yard so much.  They have been getting so dirty.. I mean SO dirty.  I just love it.  We were outside the last couple days, and today was extra fun because the kids took different naps.  I got to spend time with Leah in the morning, and Brayden in the afternoon.  Brayden would run up to the dogs, and take the ball out of Payton's mouth and throw it while saying "GO!".  Then he would laugh up a storm.  Leah had fun weeding (I was a little embarrassed at how many weeds she found) and pretending it was Rapunzel's magic hair.  Oh her imagination...  I have so many pictures, and not a whole lot to say... so enjoy them!

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