Sunday, March 11, 2012


Leah has been much better lately.  She was able to do her projects after Brayden went down for bed for the last 3 nights.  We're so proud of her, and as long as her feelings are validated and she is given a choice (you can either do this, or this) so she seems like she is in control of the situation it seems to be working.

Yesterday we collected the never ending assortment of gumballs (small pokey pine cone things) and told Leah if she got an entire bin full of them, we would burn them (she loves fire!).  She thought it was awesome, and we were able to clean up the yard.  Brayden even enjoyed himself and collected quite a lot of gumballs.

Today we went about 20 minutes away to be apart of a photo shoot for a new local cloth diaper store.  It was Brayden's nap time, but he actually did quite well.  He was running around and I was chasing him the entire time.  I am really seeing what a BOY is.  He is so much more rough, tough, and crazy.  He always bonks his head on purpose, throws himself to the ground, and charges us without warning.  He's nuts!  I love seeing the differences between genders.  I am definitely not used to it, but it's a fun journey.

Enjoy the pictures.. by the way... she HAS to wear the same tank top and only underwear every night for her project... seriously, she looks forward to it every day!

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