Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I had to pick up our kittens from being spayed yesterday so Daddy got to do a special project with the kiddos.  Brayden got to join in on this one too, and from the pictures, he really enjoyed himself.  I was gone about an hour, and when I got home the entire floor was covered by red tinsel.  I honestly thought it was going to stay neatly contained in the bin... boy was I wrong.  At least they had fun (and it was easy clean up)!!

After a messy dinner (lasagna) we had to transfer the kiddos from their chairs directly into the bath tub.  Brayden took first place by being the messiest.  He was so adorable though!  The kids have been playing with the same glow sticks in the bath tub 3 nights in a row.  We keep throwing them back in the freezer right after bath time, and I am amazed how bright they still are.

We went to the aquarium again today.  They love seeing the fish.  Leah isn't afraid of the sharks anymore.  We told her they were dolphins at first because she was so afraid.  Now we graduated to "mommy sharks and daddy sharks".  She thinks they are cool.  Her favorite part is finding the sea turtle and seeing the little poison dart frogs.  She of course likes seeing Nemo and Dory every time.

Leah had fun painting with watercolors today.  She could paint all day long... sometimes she does!  She thought it was really neat painting with the little paintbrush and loved it when I put the paper on the light box.  It almost made the watercolors glow.  I have a suspicion she will be requesting to do it again tomorrow.

We ended tonight with de-gutting pumpkins.  The kids were hilarious.  Leah didn't want to touch the guts but had fun scooping them out with a spoon, and Brayden wanted nothing more than to eat everything (yuck).  We will probably carve them tomorrow.  Enjoy the pictures!

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