Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I cleaned and organized our entire vitamin cabinet and our spice cabinet.  It was a huge task that was long overdue.  Leah was so intrigued by some of the spices I was throwing out, so I decided to let her play with them.  We got a large sheet of paper and spread glue all over it and she went to work.  She said she was cooking spices.  She loved smelling them all, and really enjoyed the project.  She emptied 4 bottles, but she sure had fun!

We have Life Factory glass sippy cups for the kids, and since they are heavy and an odd shape, Brayden has always had trouble holding them by himself.  I am proud to say, he has finally mastered holding his sippy cup.  He is growing up!  Now, all he needs to do is walk!!  I always said I was glad he isn't walking and getting into everything imaginable, but I am ready.  He knows how to walk, he just chooses not to.  Oh well... I know he'll walk some day soon!

Oh, a Leah update.  We have been very consistent with her lately - probably excessively consistent - but it seems to be working.  Her whining and crying is easily down 80%, and the other 20% is probably better than most 2 year olds out there.  Once I realized she was playing us, I decided to not give in so easily.  Yep, Leah knew exactly what she was doing.  I caught her doing it.  She was whining and crying about something, and I just smirked at her, and she started giggling... right then and there!  It was like pure sadness one second, then complete joy the next.  Stinker!  Now that I am reading into her game, she has been much happier and so much more pleasant to be around.

Brayden is cutting more teeth.  He now has 8 with numbers 9 and 10 showing, just not through the gums yet.  He was doing so well about going down for bed.  I always lay on the mattress with him and nurse him until he smiles and doesn't want anymore.  Then, I pick him up and he snuggles with me for a good minute or two, I kiss him goodnight and he giggles.  I then put his paci in his mouth and give him his Issie and he smiles and waves bye bye.  Lately though, he has been crying the second I go to put him in his crib.  He has never done this before.  I am so sad, I hate hearing him cry, and the only thing I can think of is his teeth are hurting him.  Poor buddy.  Teething can be so hard.

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