Sunday, October 16, 2011


We jam packed this weekend with lots of fun projects.  Often I hear, "Project, Mommy?!?  Project, please!!!" as she runs and grabs her apron.  Many of the projects Brayden tries to eat... which sometimes isn't very good.  He was trying to get into one of Leah's putty projects so I decided to fill the sensory table with dry cereal.  Not only did he have a blast eating it, but he had fun playing with it too.  Leah even joined in on the action.

We made 8 cups of silly putty on Thursday.  Leah didn't really know what to do with it at first but once we started blowing bubbles with it, she thought it was wonderful.  She loved pushing little gems and letters into it and watching the lights shine through when you pushed your hand into it from the light box.

We enjoyed Friday night at Grandma and Grandpa's house for pizza.  Leah and Aubrey love feeding the fish with Grandpa.  Brayden decided he wanted to climb down to the rocks.  If we weren't right there I think he would have backed himself right into the water.  He is cautious but very curious... which is an interesting combination.  I can almost see himself holding back thinking about the consequences before he does things.  He is so funny.

We ended up going for a nice walk with the whole family that night.  Leah rode the little Mercedes while Grandpa pulled her, she enjoyed it very much.  Brayden rode in the Ergo until Daddy gave him a shoulder ride. He was so excited.  Payton and Delko were able to come along and they really enjoyed getting some extra exercise.   

We spent Saturday morning playing with the trains at Barnes and Noble.  Brayden had a blast playing with boy toys.  Leah loved being able to sit and read books and play with all the stuffed animals (which they happen to place right at children's level, ha!).

We ended last night with glow sticks in the bath tub.  The kids had so much fun we had to refill the bath tub up twice.  Brayden's face was priceless.  He was so excited.  Leah liked to pretend to drink out of them and she liked to collect them (ie - not share with her brother... why is sharing SO hard to learn??)

Well... enjoy the pictures.  I am sure we will have more fun updates soon!

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  1. are those just glow sticks?? I didn't know they could go in the water! That's awesome!!!