Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We've had a weird couple of days.  Brayden had an allergic reaction to something he ate on Sunday evening.  We noticed his legs had what looked like 3 big mosquito bites on them when we put him down for bed.  He was extra cranky and kept trying to itch his legs.  We decided to give him 1/4 the dose of benadryl thinking it was just a  bug bite or something.  He was really restless the entire time he was in his room.  He never seemed to hold still longer than 10 seconds or so.  I went up twice, once at 9pm, and another time at 12am.  I was praying for him, and thought to check his legs.  From his hips to his knees looked like one huge mosquito bite.  It was awful looking.  I brought him downstairs and Cavan and I gave him an oatmeal bath and the full dose of benadryl.  I tried nursing him in bed with us to see if he would sleep better, but he was still really restless and wanted to play with Daddy more than anything.

I put him back upstairs around 3am and he didn't fall asleep until 4ish.  I thought for sure he would sleep in, but he was awake at 6:10am.  His legs were much better, but still had welts on them. This is when I took the picture - I didn't think of it in the middle of the night.  He was crabby and clingy all day yesterday.  I ended up getting up a few times with him in the middle of the night to give him more benadryl and nurse him back to sleep.  He woke up this morning without any welts, and was much happier.

He is pretty much back to normal although he now has eczema really bad which I was told is another lovely side effect of an allergic reaction.  He is having a hard time falling asleep tonight, so I am going to cut this short. He needs his Momma.

Update:  I went upstairs to check on him and rock him back to sleep and decided to check his legs one last time, and he had more welts, they were very small though.  It's been 18 hours since his last dose of benadryl, and I am sure the allergy is still in his bloodstream so it's not too surprising.  I just gave him another dose, and just waiting for him to fall asleep.  He is talking to himself right now...

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  1. Oh my goodness how sad! Hope he's feeling better!