Saturday, January 14, 2012


Cavan went to the furniture store to get some boxes the other day (he asked) since he sold a couple things on Ebay.  He had tons of boxes left over so he made a little jungle gym for the kids.  Brayden was the first one to play in the little house and slide down the cardboard slide as Leah was sleeping.  He had so much fun!

Once Leah woke up she enjoyed playing around inside the house.  She didn't notice the slide right away, but once she did, she wouldn't stop going up and down.  She was laughing and having so much fun.

Since Leah took a really long nap there was no way she could go to bed at her normal time.  We decided to rent a movie and have popcorn together.  Leah was more excited for the popcorn than anything, but she really enjoyed the movie.  We rented "Mr Poppers Penguins".  It was actually really cute, and it had enough funny parts and animals to keep her attention.  Cavan and I really enjoyed it too.  We just put her to bed, and it seems as though she is already sleeping.  What a great day.

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