Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big boy!!

Brayden is now starting to sit up.  He is doing so well!  I am still in shock my baby boy is old enough to sit by himself.  He has been such a joy.  It's so hard to believe he is 6 months old now.  Even though he is only 6 months old, I cannot imagine my life without him.  I cannot imagine a day without him.  He is amazing.  Leah would be lost without her brother.  She is such an amazing big sister.  I know I have said this before, but I have some pretty amazingly cool kids.  I love them!

I have had a very busy couple of days... from trips to the park, story time, grocery shopping, cleaning, starting the process of potty training, and of course, taking care of my babies... I am exhausted.  It has been fun though all at the same time.

Leah has been doing really well as far as potty training goes.  She is now to the point of telling me she has to go before she has an accident.  She did have an incident today when she really wanted a diaper instead of her "undies".  I let her, as I don't want this to be a negative experience for her since she is so sensitive.  She wore the diaper for about 45 minutes, then told me she needed to go potty.  Although the diaper was wet, she ended up going in her potty.  I am so proud of the progress she is making.  I still wonder what in the world I am going to do when I go out to the park, stores, or anywhere for that matter.  I am one of those Moms... who would take a portable potty chair so their child doesn't have to use the nasty germ infested public toilets. As of right now, I am putting her in a diaper when we leave the house... but I am sure it'll become interesting once she is very consistent.  She still wont go "#2" in the potty... I am not sure what to do to make it "fun or good" to go in the potty... any tips?  Other than that.. she has been having fun showing off her new trick!

In honor of Brayden's 6 month birthday....

Dear Brayden,
6 entire months since you have been born.  You are such an amazing boy.  When I found out I was pregnant with a little boy, I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect.  I had my hopes and dreams, but you have far exceeded them.  You are the most amazing boy in my life.  I am so in love with your eyes, your smile, the way you stick your tongue out of your mouth.. just because, the way you flirt with every woman you meet, the way you laugh at the oddest things, how you sound like you're going to throw up when you laugh too hard, your easy going nature, and the way you smile at everyone you meet.   You are so wonderful Brayden.  Mommy loves you more than I can say.


  1. LOVE the "Mommy needs a date night" shirt!!!

  2. <3 gorgeous boy!
    And congrats on the potty training success.