Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Boy.

Nursing Brayden to sleep tonight, I realized he is no longer my tiny baby.  He used to take up only a small part of my arm, and now... well, now he takes up my entire lap (and then some).  He is getting huge!  I have a feeling he'll be crawling before we know it.  He can get his entire belly off the ground, and he makes it look easy!  I know I say this often, but he is the biggest joy.  Even when he is super crabby (yes, he does get crabby) I can make him smile.

Leah is doing wonderful.  She hasn't had a potty accident in forever, and I don't really have to remind her anymore either.  I feel very confident going to the park or grocery store with her without a mistake.  She is so smart too.  She knows all her colors, shapes (even pentagon!), and letters.  She is getting to know her numbers, and we are spelling a few words too.  If she sees "LEAH" spelled on a piece of paper, she knows will get all excited and say, "Leah!!".  She can (with a tiny bit of help) count to 10 too.  She is so great. I am going to start her in home school preschool this summer.  She loves learning and I cannot wait to watch her grow and learn more.

She has quite the personality as well.  I was nursing Brayden the other day, and she was in her play room.  I thought she was coloring on her paper, but when I went into the room, she had colored on the baby monitor screen.  I asked her what she was doing, and she said... "Ut oh, Mommy... That's nah-ney!"  I just love how she says naughty!  Too funny!

She nurses her baby dolls often, and I really think it's cute.  It's funny (and wonderful) to me that she doesn't know what a bottle is.  She will tell me her baby is hungry and needs her "num nums".  Oh Leah...

Leah and Brayden are really starting to interact together.  Having the two kids so close in age (19 months apart) is starting to pay off.  Leah is young enough to think anything to do with Brayden is great, but old enough to get me a paci or a blanket if I need it.  She loves playing on the floor with him, and he eats up every second of his sister's attention.  She was playing with him tonight on the mat and she was kissing his feet and he was laughing so hard, then she would kiss his face, give him hugs, and roll him over... He though it was great.  We just sat back and watched (and got it on video too).  They are already such great buddies, I can't wait to see their relationship bloom even more.

We met Aubrey and Aunt Cassie at the park this morning.  Leah had a blast playing.  Aubrey loves the swings, but Leah has always been pretty timid about them.  Once Leah saw Aunt Cassie and Aubrey on the swings she wanted to go too.  She realized how much fun the swings can be, and didn't want to get off!  It was great!  She hates leaving the park, and cries almost every time... I think I need to get a better "treat" to give her on the ride home to bribe her back to the car!

All in all... My kids are wonderful.  I love staying at home with them.  I couldn't imagine not seeing them every second of every day.  My house may not always be perfectly organized, but I do my best.  My mother in law comes over every Tuesday and helps with the kids so I can get some things done, and my goodness is that a huge help!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom!


  1. This is so beautiful! My daughter (20 months) also nurses her babies. "nurse, nurse" so adorable.

  2. hello! This will be a random comment, as I don't see an email to contact you.
    This is sort of crazy! I work with Shelly Lee, I believe she has a dog (or two?) that came from you...or a connection like that. She told me about your blog when I was pregnant, and I would catch up every now and again, and saw that we had a few things in common. Well, recently on twitter, I saw you were the winner of the HeavaBabyUSA contest (I tweeted too.) Although you don't know at all who I am, I found the connections quite crazy! Anyway, I thought I should say hello. And your kids are adorable! :) (sorry if this seems really weird!)

  3. How funny! I'll add my email to the side bar, but my email is jjc4986@gmail.com Yes, Shelly does have 2 of Payton's puppies. I just love her! I didn't even know I won until I saw your post :) I am excited! Your comment isn't weird at all! Hope to hear from you soon!