Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family fun

We had such a great weekend.  Cavan has been working on his shed for the last couple of weeks... that included the weekends.  He decided to take Saturday off this week, and boy were we excited to spend some quality time with Dad.  It has been so nice here lately.  The weather is perfect!  We decided to go to the beach and play in the sand.  It was so much fun.  Leah is really starting to enjoy the ocean.  She had a blast running around, throwing sea shells into the water, and running barefoot in the sand.  It was so relaxing, and had a wonderful time with each other.  

Leah is obsessed with a couple of things... sippy cups, things on her head, and chairs.  There was this adorable little girl that had a pink beach chair.  Leah kept saying, "pink chair" the entire time.  Finally, the mother of the little girl said she could sit in it.  Leah was beaming with excitement.  I think we need to get her a beach chair!

Leah has always been a little timid with other kids.  She very much respects them, but has been, well, quite afraid of them in the past.  Aubrey changed that... Leah was very afraid of Aubrey once she started crawling, pulling her hair, and learning how to share her toys with her was hard too!  Just recently, Leah found out how much fun Aubrey is!  They really didn't interact very much in the past, but this weekend they really enjoyed each other.  They would follow each other, play in the tunnel together, jump on the trampoline together, and they even started hugging each other without us telling them to!  It was so cute, and I am so glad Leah has such a sweet cousin that is only a year younger than her.  Aubrey and Leah are so close in size too!  Leah only out weighs Aubrey by a pound.  They have such a great time together.  Enjoy the pictures of the two adorable girls!

As you can see... we were so excited they were hugging.
The girls jumping while Brayden was playing with his toy.

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