Saturday, March 5, 2011

BPA Free... is it healthy?

I ran across a few disturbing articles yesterday... here's one of the links -

So... after making sure every plastic sippy cup, spoon, bowl, plate...ect. in my house was BPA free, now we're throwing them all out.  I am sick of trying to do the best thing for my children and come to find out it may be even more harmful than the thing we were avoiding.  I guess, in short, what it is saying is the BPA free plastics still have the same estrogen like chemical found in BPA plastics.  This chemical, with exposure, can cause hormone imbalances and fertility issues.  They are mostly concerned about little girls, but I cannot imagine giving a synthetic estrogen chemical to a boy is ok.

This makes me want everything natural.. toys, plates, cups, clothing... ect.  I am starting with what I believe is the most important... anything we eat/drink with.  We're switching all our sippy cups to glass.. that is the only thing I know is actually safe.  I found great ones from  We actually already have a few of their bottles for ourselves, and they just came out with a sippy cup adapter.  The bottles we have are very durable, so I am not really worried about them breaking... They come in adorable colors too :)


  1. I'm so glad I read this post and that you offer healthier suggestions. (Both for this and for other things, like diapers) I feel like I'm learning a lot of useful things for whenever I have kids.

  2. So glad I use glass bottles with Ariana. (We both failed at nursing) But what about the nipples?

  3. We never use bottles.. neither of my kids would ever take a bottle.. but if I did, I'd use a natural latex nipple. You can find them here: