Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mother of the year.

Well, I won't be winning the "Mother of the Year" prize anytime soon...

Today, the local baby boutique had a car seat safety inspection and they were giving away a $100 gift card to one of the families who had their seat checked out.  I thought, oh yea, that sounds good!  I should get our's checked out and potentially win a free prize!

While Brayden was taking a nap, Leah and I cleaned out my car.  I let her play around in it while I vacuumed it out.  She was going from front to back, sitting in Brayden's car seat, sitting in her car seat, and just being plain goofy.  I finally got it all clean, and it was time for Leah's nap.  I put her down, and gave the monitor to Cavan (who was working outside)... strapped Brayden in his car seat, and drove to the store.

When we got there, we were greeted by 3 fire fighters.  They asked some questions, cooed at Brayden, and checked the seats.  The fire fighter turned to me and asked how my seat was being restrained.  I explained to him that it's an older car, so we have to use the seat belt to strap it in.  He looked at me, and said, "Umm, Ma'am, your car seat isn't strapped in at all!"  What???  Apparently, I never checked to make sure Leah didn't mess with anything.  But she must have clicked Brayden's seat belt out, and although I clicked him in as I was supposed to.. his seat was not attached to the car.  Oh man.  I don't know if the fire fighters believed me or not, but they did say, "don't worry, we aren't giving out tickets today!"  I felt so embarrassed, ashamed, and wanted to cry.  So, no "Mother of the Year 2011" for me... Maybe next year?

Oh.. he also said, "I could have potentially just saved your son's life!"  Gee, thanks...

This is Brayden sleeping peacefully today in his newly "clicked" in seat... :-)

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