Saturday, March 26, 2011

Goodbye Cheese.

I think I finally found the culprit for Brayden's terrible nursing.  Dairy.  It made me sad at first knowing I wouldn't be able to eat cheese, ice cream, or milk... but yesterday was the first day of the trial, and he's so much better already.  He seems so much more comfortable.  I actually had happy tears last night as I nursed him... he is normally at his worst around bed time and he was so calm and comfortable... it's amazing how simple it was.

He slept pretty well last night compared to the last week.  He went down around 8:45 and slept until 12, I fed him, he went back to sleep until 3, I fed him, he went back to sleep until 4:45... then he decided to stay awake until 6:45, I fed him, and he fell asleep for about an hour while I got Leah up and ready.  So... compared to every 1-2 hours... he did well.  He is in such a wonderful mood this morning.  I just love it!

It is difficult finding non dairy organic meals... but I am working on it.  My weight is lower today than when I graduated high school... and I know not eating dairy isn't going to be nice to my weight.. I am already having trouble keeping it where it is, but at least I'm not having trouble losing it!  It pays off nursing two kids at once!

Enjoy the pictures!

 Leah giving baby Nora her "num nums"
 2 things... Leah is so tiny since she's been potty trained.. we have to roll all her pants!  And.. of course her nursing her baby is so adorable!

 Dancing with baby Nora

 Brayden super happy while eating bananas mixed with Mommy's milk.
 Leah and Grandpa in Daddy's new office... she loved the ladder!

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