Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ice Pop.

Leah loves her ice pops.  She mostly loves frozen herbal tea, Mercola's protein shakes, and a new favorite.. pureed watermelon.  She gets an ice pop a couple times a day and loves it.  Brayden hasn't been a huge fan.. I think it's just too cold for him... until he had the watermelon one.  He loved it!

After he was done eating his watermelon ice pop Leah went down for a nap.  He was just crawling around in the play room playing with the wide assortment of toys scattered across the floor.  Cavan and I were relaxing in the other room when I told Cavan he was being too quiet.  I was right... haha.  He decided to suck on one of Leah's blue crayons and got blue everywhere.  The carpet is blue, his face is blue, even Bailey has blue on her.  He's too funny.

We went for dinner over at Dad and Mom Carlson's house.  Brayden was super tired, so we decided to go for a golf cart ride to keep him occupied (and because Leah was begging).  Bryan and Aubrey went with us. It was so much fun and so relaxing.  The kids did wonderful.

Since Brayden has been sleeping terribly the last few days, I am really looking forward to him feeling better.  Between teething and lack of sleep he has been awful.  Tonight is the first night he went down and stayed down for more than 20 minutes!  We're going on an hour and a half already... I have a feeling he'll sleep well tonight.  Enjoy the pictures!!

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