Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shake Shake

I have a couple cute stories to tell...

I taught our kittens to come every time I shake a can of treats.  I do this mainly because they hide inside of my dresser and I normally don't have 10 minutes to search and grab them so I can shut the door.  Today, Leah grabbed the can and started shaking it.  She said, "Come here Bailey, come here Penny."  hahahaha  She remembers everything!

I took both kids grocery shopping today.  I put Brayden in the kokopax and Leah insisted on walking by herself.  She helped me count 10 limes and 8 lemons all by herself.  After 10 she normally counts 16, 18, 19, 20!!!  haha, we are missing a few but she's doing amazing!

She took a few things off shelves and placed them in the cart because they were, "Leah's yummies".  She did listen to me when I asked her to put them back.  She really enjoyed being a big girl and helping Mommy out while grocery shopping.

She was jumping on her little trampoline last night in the play room and was yelling, "Whooopie!!!" every time she would jump and fall on her bottom.  She laughed and did it over and over again.  I asked her who says whoopie a lot, and she told me, "Papa says it!  Papa says Whooooopie!"  My dad (Papa) always says whoopie with the babies... Leah loved it!  Papa and Grandmo got Leah a bear when we went to the zoo... she sleeps with it every night and calls him "Papa Bear".  It's so cute.

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