Sunday, June 12, 2011


Leah has been a nursing champ since the minute she was born.  She has become very attached to her "num nums".  So very attached we had to stop it.  I was very sad about it at first... but here's the story.

Every morning Leah would wake up and cry for her num nums.  We had a rule she had to take a bath first and get dressed, downstairs, and done with breakfast before she would have it.  She started throwing fits if she didn't get it before breakfast.  Then, she started freaking out if I didn't give it to her before we came downstairs.  Yet again, she wanted num nums before she got dressed... and then she wanted it the second she woke up.  She was ruthless.  It's not that I didn't want to give in, and give it to her the second she wanted it, but I have her brother that needs it.  He needed it right when he woke up, he needed it and she didn't.

Now, if you read all this correctly, you will find that I gave in... I started giving it to her earlier and earlier than what the rule was.  Leah is one smart little girl, and realized she could start throwing fits with everything.. even if it wasn't num nums.  We honestly had an emotional basket case on our hands.  If she didn't get num nums right away, and one thing went out of order... it seriously ruined her entire day.

Cavan came up to me about a week ago and pleaded with me to stop nursing her.  I really wanted to cry.  It is something only Leah and I share together.  It is something I have done with her since she was first born.  I almost think it was harder for me than it was for her.

The first morning she cried like normal, but we told her num nums are for babies, and she is a big girl now.  We put our foot down for all the other tantrums she was throwing.  The first couple days were rough.  By the 3rd day, she was a different person.  Her whining was cut in half, and want to know the funny thing?  She hasn't asked for num nums since... she sees me nursing Brayden all day long, but she could care less.

I will forever treasure nursing Leah.  I loved it and she loved it.  She is a big girl now.  I am so proud of myself for nursing her for 2.5 years and tandem nursing for 9 months.  I love that girl, and I am so glad we have that forever connection.

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