Saturday, July 9, 2011

Doll House.

Leah has been sucking her left thumb since she was only 4 weeks old.  She used to suck it a lot during the day.  Anytime she was tired, insecure, crabby, or bored it was in her mouth.  I couldn't stand her putting that dirty little thumb in her mouth all the time.

We thought about making her stop using various methods... There is a nail polish you can put on her thumb that tastes nasty, but after I read the ingredients and read some reviews I decided that was not for us.  There is also a glove that slips over the thumb and leaves the other fingers free, we decided to try it to at least give her a reminder.

She hated it the first couple of days.  She almost seemed lost not being able to use her thumb.  After a couple days we were able to take the glove off, and only had to remind her a few times.  It was hard, but with the help of a little reward (aka - her new doll house) she stopped!  She has officially gone 11 days without using her thumb during the day.  We still are letting her have it at night time and will address that when she can understand a little better.  We are so proud of her.  She is such a big girl.

She received her doll house first thing this morning.  She loves it!  She was so excited she decided she didn't need breakfast this morning!  haha.  She played with it for hours today, and she doesn't stop talking about it.  It is so much fun to see her imagination run wild.

Our kittens have been using our dining room table as a play gym.  I am not a fan of cats on any counters, tables, or beds.  We have tried everything from squirt guns to duct tape to keep them off of our table, and they keep coming back.  We decided to make them their own little "perch" to climb on and play.  Cavan, being the amazing handy man that he is, made something amazing for them!  Check it out!!

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  1. That's totally insane what Cavan built for the cats. I love it!!!!